ikea closet Image: IKEA

On the first-ever instalment of Furniture Finds, we’re getting organized with this quirky, freestanding closet from IKEA’s PS 2014 collection.

The metal wardrobe is available in white or silver and comes with 160 colorful plastic pieces for customization. With shelving above and below the clothes rail, it’s convenient for storing shoes, hats, books and the like. You’ll probably be more inclined to keep it neat too, since the contents are exposed.

The IKEA PS collection was inspired by young city dwellers, who are short on space and cash as well. The retailer recruited 14 burgeoning designers from around the world to create functional, highly mobile furniture. Together, the team created 150 prototypes which they narrowed down to 50 with feedback from actual university students — their main clientele.

At $179.00, the wardrobe is a real bargain. You may even have enough money left over to splurge on a bag of Swedish meatballs. Be sure to check out the promotional video for the collection that (somehow) makes moving furniture by public transport seem fun.

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