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Living Cube by Swiss designer Till Konneker is at once a bed frame, storage unit, book shelf, closet, workspace and entertainment center. For those living in a small space, it’s also a game-changer.

The space-saving fixture does the work of eight to 12 pieces of individual furniture depending on the model — “Mini,” “Urban” or a custom job. Priced from $1,500 to $3,000 USD, the units are 6.5-feet high, 5.25-feet deep and either 8.5- or 13.5-feet long. There are drawers, clothes hangers, and space for a bed on top.

living cube-6 living cube-5

Though based in Switzerland, Konneker and his builders will ship the pieces to anywhere in the world where the buyer assembles the unit like a piece of Ikea furniture. Need some extra space? Place your order here.

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