You don’t need a second linen closet. Instead, transform that underutilized space into…

A home office.

unused closet office Photos: govtalks, Pinterest

A wine cellar.

unused closet wine cellar Photo: stonecreekfurniture

Or a bar.

unused closet bar Photo: Pinterest

Here too.

unused closet bar-2 Photo: sweeten

For closet drinkers. Get it?

A nursery.

unused closet nursery Photos: ApartmentTherapy

Go ahead, put baby in the corner.

An entertainment center.

unused-closet-entertainment-center Photos: Pinterest

A cozy chill out nook.

unused closet fort Photo: ApartmentTherapy

A craft station.

unused closet craft station-2 Photos: theinspiredroom, Pinterest

A DIY project for future DIY projects!

A play area for the kids.

unused closet children's play area Photo: Pinterest

Or a play house.

unused closet kids space Photo: Pinterest

A laundry room.

unused closet laundry room Photo: Pinterest

A gaming den.

unused closet gaming area Photo: imgur

DIY guide here.

A library.

unused closet library Photo: Pinterest

With a reading nook.

unused closet reading nook Photo: casedesign

Here too.

unused closet reading nook-3 Photo: Pinterest

A bathroom.

unused closet bathroom Photo: ApartmentTherapy

A spare bed.

unused closet bed Photos: ApartmentTherapy, Pinterest

Or better yet, a spare bunk bed.

unused closet bunk bed Photo: Pinterest

A kids’ sanctuary.

unused closet kids play area Photos: Pinterest

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