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Whether you’re renting an apartment without a closet or looking to display your favorite pieces like a fashion blogger, a garment rack can provide ample storage for clothing and accessories. We’ve rounded up five of the best products under $200 to solve your wardrobe woes.

1. Turbo clothing rack from IKEA, $44.99 USD

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Showcase your favorite items with the Turbo rack from IKEA. Unlike other models (looking at you, Mulig), it boasts a sturdy metal A-frame that won’t bend or break.

2. Ceiling clothing rack from Urban Outfitters, $129 USD

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Living in a small space? Optimize vertical height with this copper ceiling clothing rack from Urban Outfitters. It features two tiers — the first of which is ideal for hanging scarves or necklaces.

3. Corner hanging rack from CB2, $39.95 USD

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Nobody puts Baby in a corner, but they do put closets there. Utilize these often forgotten spaces with the corner hanging bar from CB2. The black and gold aluminium rod is easy to install and offers additional storage in a bedroom or bathroom.

4. Ballet style rolling garment rack from Amazon, $159 USD

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Industrial style garment racks are hugely popular, but if you’re not a savvy DIYer or willing to spend a few hundred dollars, the selection is limited. Fortunately, we’ve unearthed from the internet this Ballet Style Rolling Garment Clothing Rack by NYC Garment Co via Amazon. With heavy-grade thick piping, an anthracite grey color and steampunk-esque hardware it’s well worth the price.

5. Fol-D-Rak from The Container Store, $69 USD

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If you believe less is more, opt for this minimalist design from the Container Store. The embarrassingly titled Fol-D-Rak is both lightweight and sturdy. The aluminum frame can be folded up easily, which is great for apartment dwellers who move frequently.

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