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Photographers are always looking for new angles and perspectives to capture amazing moments and unique photographs. That’s what makes aerial photography particularly interesting for many people. Flying high above the ground gives such a different view of the world below and can often result in a new found appreciation for landscapes we’ve grown accustomed to from the ground.

From hot air balloons to planes, here’s a look at some amazing aerial photographs captured on Instagram!

San Diego

Photo: adamsenatori/Instagram

Los Angeles

A photo posted by Arun Sharma (@arunsharma24) on

Photo: arunsharma24/Instagram

San Francisco

Photo: copterpilot/Instagram

Mexico City

Photo: dailyoverview/Instagram


A photo posted by Elle?? (@ellephoto_) on

Photo: ellephoto_/Instagram


A photo posted by Jason Hawkes (@jasonhawkes) on

Photo: jasonhawkes/Instagram


A photo posted by Jeremy Gallagher (@j3zzar9) on

Photo: j3zzar9/Instagram


A photo posted by @weownthecity on

Photo: weownthecity/Instagram


A photo posted by Skydive Dubai (@skydive_dubai) on

Photo: skydive_dubai/Instagram

New York City

A photo posted by Davis Paul (@davispaul) on

Photo: davispaul/Instagram

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