Dazzle your party guests with these 15 ingenious backyard lighting ideas.

Cracked log lamp

Photo: Pinterest

These spectacular lights created by Duncan Meerding shine through cracks in the wood, creating an enchanting, natural-looking effect. Use it as a stool, table, footrest or simply let it light up your backyard as an artful decor piece.

Rope light

Photo: Pinterest

Line your walkways, staircase banisters, deck or pool with an uber-long rope light. Not only will it look amazing, but will help your guests navigate their way around in the dark without tripping!

Ping pong ball string lights

Photo: Pinterest

Who needs beer pong when you can use your ping pong balls for these awesome lights instead? Get crafty and make this simple DIY for a modular decor staple.

LED orbs

Photo: Pinterest

These magical orbs will look spellbinding in a pool or simply scattered around the garden. They come in several colors to accommodate any palette or style.

Fairy berries

Photo: Pinterest

Sprinkle these little glowing balls around your backyard to give it a fairy forest makeover.

Glow-in-the-dark paint jars

Photo: Pinterest

Get this galactic effect by flicking specks of glow-in-the-dark paint onto mason jars. Better yet, turn your get-together into a paint party for a colorful twist on the average summer bash (just make sure to tell your guests to come in shabby clothes beforehand!).

Tin can lights

Photo: Pinterest

No need to buy fancy candle holders or vases to light up your refreshments table: simply poke holes in old soup cans and throw in some tealights to create a charming, rustic accessory.

Fairy lights in jars

Photo: Pinterest

The uses for mason jars are quite simply endless. Repurpose your old Christmas lights to make this dazzling backyard accessory!

Solar-powered planters

Photo: Pinterest

These glowing planters are beautiful, useful and eco-friendly to boot! Save on electricity by using solar-powered light sources in your backyard — they gather energy from the sun during the day to give off a warm, welcoming glow at night.

LED cork

Photo: Impulse Buy

The last thing you’d want for your summer gathering is a bottle of wine lost in the shadows! Make sure your guests know exactly where to find the refreshments with this rechargeable LED cork.

Wine bottle torch

Photo: Pinterest

Once you’ve polished off all the wine, get crafty and repurpose the old bottles for your next dinner party. This DIY uses decorative marbles, a torch wick and tiki fuel to create a colorful (and simple!) centerpiece.

Flower bucket

Photo: Pinterest

Fill a bucket with water, flowers and a candle for a simple summer decor piece. If you can, aim to use a rustic-looking bucket and a variety of colored flowers like the photo above to transform your outdoor space into a charming country retreat (even if all you have is a postage stamp of concrete!).

Clip string lights

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Take polaroids throughout your summer bash and hang them up on these glowing pins for an awesome conversation piece.

LED ice bucket

Photo: Pinterest

Again — it’s key to make sure that all the alcohol at your party is glowing for optimal guest enjoyment. Store your beers, coolers and soda in this LED ice bucket.

Egg carton

Photo: Pinterest

Looking for a decorative spin on regular string lights? Make flowers out of old egg cartons to create a colorful, summer-ready look.

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