Secret rooms and a two-story closet? Essential.

A swing in the living room.

indoor swing Photo: dobrusiak

A playroom with trampoline flooring.

Trampoline flooring Photo: Pinterest

A secret bathroom behind a bookshelf.

secret bathroom Photo: Pinterest

A chalkboard staircase.

chalkboard stairs Photo: myhomerocks

And a stairway slide.

slide stairs Photo: Pinterest

A professional telescope observatory.

telescope observatory home Photo: imgur

This is actually someone’s Colorado vacation home.

A hammock lounge bed.

hammock bed Photo: Deepnot

An outdoor office pod.

backyard office Photo: Platform 5

A door that doubles as a ping pong table.

ping pong door Photos: Tobias Fränzel Design/Facebook

A starry night ceiling.

starry night ceiling Photo: imgur

3D flooring.

3D floors Photo:

More designs this way.

A trapdoor wine cellar in the kitchen.

trapdoor wine cellar Photo: signaturecellars

An alcohol faucet in the den.

alcohol on tap Photos: sidebarbeverage

And beer taps in the living room.

beer tap living room Photos: imgur

A DIY project. See how it was done here.

Covert stairway storage.

stairway storage Photo: Pinterest

Light bulbs that are also speakers.

light bulb speaker Photo: thegreenhead

A glow-in-the-dark wall mural.

glow-in-the-dark wall Photo: Bogi Fabian

A beach-inspired backyard fire pit.

backyard-sand-fire-pit-1024x684 Photo: Pinterest

An indoor pool/home theater.

indoor pool home theater Photo: imgur

A Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen cooktop.

interactive cooktop Photo: Whirlpool

Whirlpool is working on it.

A floating fireplace.

floating fireplace Photo: imgur

A green wall herb garden.

green wall herb garden Photos: Amazon

A shower with heat sensitive tiles.

heat sensitive shower Photo: imgur

A loft library.

overhead library Photo: imgur

A rustic outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen Photo: Pinterest

Swinging window panes.

swinging window panels Photo: imgur

A two-story closet.

two level closet Photo: Pinterest

A moat.

home moat Photo: Guz Architects

A cocktail lounge with a sunken seating area.

in-home cocktail lounge Photo: imgur

An indoor-outdoor hot tub.

indoor-outdoor hot tub Photo: Pinterest

And an indoor-outdoor bathroom.

indoor outdoor bathroom Photo: imgur

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