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Redesigning a room is now all play and no work thanks to EverBlock, a modular plastic brick that can be used to build almost anything. The product was created by Arnon Rosan, who describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur, angel investor and tinkerer.” As a child, Rosan was fascinated by building with blocks and how they could be used to create whatever structure he imagined.

The life-sized blocks are made of a durable plastic called polypropylene with added UV protection for outdoor use. There are four types of EverBlocks — the full size measures 12 inches long, six inches wide and six inches high while the half and quarter sizes are exactly as their names suggest. A finishing cap that is 12 inches long, six inches wide and just over one inch high creates a smooth surface and a streamlined look. The blocks weigh between 2.2 and half a pound, and are available in 12 vibrant colors.

Just like Lego, the blocks are hollow on the inside, with support ribs and cable channels for extra support when constructing large structures. Building with EverBlocks requires no tools, glue or other building materials. Plus, the system can be easily taken apart and re-assembled, making it a truly green building practice.

EverBlocks have a seemingly infinite number of uses, from an outdoor bar at a wedding to a room divider in a studio apartment to a modular coffee table for your living room. In addition to home decor, the blocks can be particularly valuable in disaster relief situations. EverBlocks ship compactly and can be used to construct temporary housing or office facilities.

EverBlocks are priced between $3.95 and $7.55 per block, but can also be purchased in bulk — a pack of 26 blocks sells for $155. The company offers a rental program  for grand openings, conferences, parties and other events.

These oversized building blocks aren’t just child’s play — adults have been getting creative, using EverBlocks to build impressive furniture and structures that can hold up to wear and tear. Check out the photos below for more design ideas.

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