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Instagram is full of rich and vibrant images of cityscapes and there’s no doubt that cities and skylines look great in color. But when you strip a photo of color it can drastically change the image.

Shooting in black and white adds depth and makes other elements like contrast, perspective, lighting, tones and shadows take on a bigger role. Subjects also tend to communicate and evoke emotions based on the overall composition rather than with catchy colors.

Here’s a look at some beautiful black and white cityscapes captured on Instagram!


A photo posted by Heather Cole (@geminatrix) on

Photo: geminatrix/Instagram


Photo: mattolivarphotography/Instagram


Photo: dimazverez777/Instagram


  A photo posted by yvonne (@yvonnenerland) on

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Photo: daviclujan/Instagram

St. Petersburg

A photo posted by Ilya Tsoy (@ilvits) on

Photo: ilvits/Instagram


A photo posted by Ben Roffelsen (@benroffelsen) on

Photo: benroffelsen/Instagram

New York City

A photo posted by Coby Bidwell (@capturedbycoby) on

Photo: capturedbycoby/Instagram


A photo posted by @pocket505 on

Photo: pocket505/Instagram

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