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New York City’s Open Data plan promises to make city data from over 200 agencies accessible to the public by 2018. Some agencies have already made big strides in publishing this data, while others have done nothing since 2012 when the New York City Council initially approved the law.

The City of New York’s Open Data Dashboard provides an overview of how much data has been released. Their dashboard shows that the Department of Education has released the most data with 172 data sets and 19 to be released in the future.

The Civilian Complaint Review Board has also posted impressive numbers, with 119 data sets released. The Department of City Planning has 98 data sets available with seven data sets planned for future release. The Department of Finance has released 90 data sets, with 22 planned.

Organizations associated with transit have made significantly smaller strides in the release of their data. The Metropolitan Transit Authority has only four data sets available, with none planned for future release. New Jersey Transit has only made one data set available, also with no plans announced for more. The Department of Transportation’s numbers are less alarming, with 31 data sets available and 14 planned.

The scope of data involved in each data set may prove to be an obstacle for some city agencies. Depending on the technologies already in place, there could be a significant amount of coding involved to ready data and some data sets may be larger than others.

Commissioner Anne Roost of the City’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications emphasized the importance of this work

“Few of our initiatives hold the transformative potential of open data – not only to make City government more transparent, but to empower New Yorkers to use open data – their data – to improve their lives,” she said.

NYC Open Data offers access to government-produced, digital data sets as part of an initiative to improve the transparency and accountability of the City government.

BuzzBuzzHome recently reported on an Open Data initiative that mapped free wi-fi hubs across the city.

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