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A material science engineer turned hotelier has created the world’s first 3D printed commercial space in Angeles City, the Philippines. Lewis Yakich, owner of the aptly-named Lewis Grand Hotel, printed a 1,415 square foot hotel villa with two bedrooms, a living room, jacuzzi and corrugated 10 foot walls.

The California native and UCSB graduate completed the job in just over 100 hours, although it took several months to plan and implement the design. The building material, made of sand and volcanic ash, was locally sourced. Yakich estimates the innovative construction method saved him 60 percent on building costs. Andrey Rudenko, an architect and civil engineer from Minnesota, led the programming of the printer — he’s also known for constructing this 3D printed concrete castle.

Yakich has been commissioned to build 200 low-income homes using the 3D printing method. The concrete-like mixture is especially effective in the Philippines, which experiences extreme heat and humidity and is prone to natural disasters. The young entrepreneur has plans to build 2,000 more affordable homes over the next two years using 3D printing.

“The Philippines is in such need of low income housing that this technology is perfect for it,” said Yakich in an interview with 3DPrint.com. As it turns out, technology can be used for good.

Lewis-Yakich-compressed corridor 3d print-compressed jacuzzi-compressed closeup Photos: totalkustom.com



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