If you have ever had to search for a roommate before, you know it is not easy. You try to stick to friends, friends of friends, or even Facebook contacts. But sometimes, you have to venture into the dark underbelly of the roommate market: Craigslist.

BuzzBuzzHome News dove into the New York Craigslist roommate pool to see what was available. The results were alarming at times, to say the least…

1. With a studio this blurry, you’ll never realize that you’re SHARING.

Craigslist 3-compressed Image: Craigslist

Tuesday are pants-optional.

2. Male seeks female roommate, expects “good cooperation.”

Craigslist 2-compressed Image: Craigslist

If you have to die in Queens, at least “the hole apartment” will be very clean.

3. Haunted?

Craigslist 1-compressed Image: Craigslist

You can tell that this room has seen some pretty bad things go down.

4. Living the dream

Craigslist 4-compressed Image: Craigslist

You can live here, but you can’t live here.

5. This one might not be so bad…

Craigslist 5-compressed Image: Craigslist

“Who needs wi-fi when you’ve got us?”

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