Photo: Darkhorse

Drones continue to transform the world of real estate. To update investors on a project’s progress, crowdfunding real estate startup Fundrise has been using reconnaissance drones, and developers themselves are taking to the sky to create mile-high marketing materials. But whatever the reason behind a drone flyover, you can count on some striking visuals.

A new two-minute aerial clip from Darkhorse, a creative communications firm, is no exception.

It doesn’t hurt that the building being filmed is none other than The Durst Organization’s VIA, an angular — whatever you do, don’t call it a pyramid — 32-story apartment currently under construction in Manhattan. From the mind of Danish architectural iconoclast Bjarke Ingels and his BIG firm, VIA is already cutting a figure quite unlike any other building in New York.

This Darkhorse video drives that point home as it slow-pans around the wedge-like structure at 625 West 57th Street to an ethereal piano score.

VIA is expected to be completed next year, and when it is it will be the first, but not last, BIG-designed building in North America.

See how far construction has come along:

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