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While churches serve mainly as places of worship, they also represent some of the most beautiful and artistic buildings to connect with the divine. Although styles vary from different eras and locations, these structures are filled with detailed architectural elements, exquisite craftsmanship and elegant finishes.

From an Antoni Gaudí-designed — and still under construction — minor basilica in Barcelona to a modern marvel of glass in California, here’s a look at some of the world’s most beautiful churches and cathedrals as seen on Instagram!

Sainte-Chapelle – Paris

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St. Pauls Cathedral – London

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Cathedral of Maringá – Maringá, Brazil

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Hallgrímskirkja – Reykjavík, Iceland

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Crystal Cathedral – Garden Grove, California

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Santuario Nuestra Sra de las Lajas – Nariño, Colombia

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St. Peters Basilica – Vatican City

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St. Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow

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Saint Joseph’s Oratory – Montreal

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Sagrada Familia – Barcelona, Spain

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