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Most people encounter a staircase or two in their daily lives and never give them a second look. They serve a very functional yet rather mundane purpose of getting you from one level to another, or from point A to point B. But that doesn’t mean they have to be boring.

We searched Instagram to find some of our favorite staircases from around the world. The architects of these stairs have elevated their designs and made them true works of art and an experience to climb. So next time you encounter one of these stairwells, do yourself a favor — skip the elevator.

Heals and Sons, London

Photo: paulo_delvalle/Instagram

Tiger and Turtle, Germany

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Photo: herr_e/Instagram

The Vatican Museum, Vatican City

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Chand Baori, India

A photo posted by Liz S (@lizbogart76) on

Photo: lizbogart76/Instagram

Armani Store, New York City

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Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

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Photo: moneyy14/Instagram

Louvre, Paris

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Photo: eliemoose/Instagram

St. Pauls Cathedral, London

A photo posted by Comb (@joincomb) on

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Lello Bookshop, Portugal

A photo posted by Puli (@pedropulido) on

Photo: pedropulido/Instagram

Grand Cafe Orient, Prague

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Photo: pixelsandpen/Instagram

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