Grand Central Terminal recently celebrated its 100th anniversary in the midst of some exciting construction. We’re taking a look at some iconic views of the NYC landmark through the years and offering a peek at the new Long Island Railroad terminal.

Grand Central Depot, ca. 1880

1880_Grand_Central Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Terminal under construction, ca. 1912

Grand-Central-Terminal-Construction-1912-Untapped-Cities Photo: Untapped Cities

Iconic facade, ca. 1937

Grand Central facade-compressed Photo: Wired New York

Pre-MetLife, ca. 1951

Grand Central Pre-MetLife-compressed Photo: Wired New York

Light-filled interior, ca. 1954

Grand-Central-Terminal-Interior-Vintage-Untapped-Cities1 Photo: Wired New York

Completion of the MetLife Building, ca. 1963

457px-Grand_Central_Terminal_MetLife_Building_Park_Ave_viaduct_Summer_Streets Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Rendering of the Future LIRR terminal

LIRR terminal Rendering:

The new Long Island Rail terminal — Manhattan’s first major terminal in more than 90 years — will be underground between 44th and 48th Streets. While the terminal will be deep below Park Avenue, its design is airy and open.

The new design hopes to optimize flow for people who are rushing to catch a train, while remaining comfortable for those who aren’t.

Renderings show bright lighting and finishes and plenty of glass and mirrors.

LIRR terminal 2 Rendering:

LIRR terminal 3 Rendering:

LIRR terminal 4 Rendering:

The terminal will boast advanced green design, combining maximum comfort with minimal power and water use. Wherever possible, the new construction re-uses existing sections of tunnel, cutting down on excavation cost and energy use. Additionally, the new terminal’s tracks will be designed with a “hump,” reducing the power needed to slow down arriving trains.

The project is set to be completed in 2023. Follow @bbhnyc for more on Grand Central Terminal and its construction progress.

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