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When it comes to the Tiny Home movement, New Yorkers have good reason not to be so impressed with a lot of the space-saving innovations that go along with living in a home that is less than 400 square feet.

After all, 400 square feet is palatial, by NYC standards! New Yorkers have a markedly different definition of what it means to live large in a small space and they have been adapting to limited space for hundreds of years.

Here are six genuinely tiny spaces that prove New Yorkers are taking this movement to the next level…

6. This morphing SoHo micro apartment

Ummm… sign us up.

5. Using every nook and cranny

Louise Harpman, founding partner of Specht Harpman, says that 33% of New York households are for single people — so micro lofts make perfect sense!

4. 325 square feet of Heaven

The average home price in New York City is well over a million dollars. This sample unit shows how you can save big by going small.

3. Simple and sleek on Sullivan Street

The modular furniture allows residents to comfortably seat 10!

2. It even comes with a stuffed animal!

This New Yorker sections off her space with darling see-through shelves.

1. Brooklyn loft — with a garage!

They used old clothing to insulate the walls!

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