Living large in a small space?? YES.

Swap the obtrusive floor lamp for an unobtrusive hanging light.

hanging light tiny bedroom hack Photo: mydomaine

Have your desk can double as a nightstand.

desk nighstand tiny bedroom hack Photo: katecollinsinteriors

Or if a nightstand is all you need, get one that floats and you’ll save on floor space.

floating nightstand Photo: tealandgold/Etsy

Shelving should also float.

floating shelving tiny bedroom hack Photos: shoeboxdecorhomedit

Desks too, for that matter.

floating desk Photo: Pinterest

Your hamper needn’t be a bulky basket. Make a low-profile one out of fabric and hang it on the door.

DIY laundry hamper tiny bedroom hack Photo: organizedmom

A DIY project that will cost you only $3.

If you need a workspace in your room, tuck it away in the closet.

closet workspace tiny bedroom hack Photos: PinterestPinterest

Or try squeezing your bed in there.

closet bed tiny bedroom hac, Photos: ApartmentTherapy, Pinterest

You can hang your clothes from the ceiling.

hanging clothes tiny bedroom hack Photo: Pinterest

Take advantage of vertical space with tall, thin shelving.

vertical shelving tiny bedroom hack Photo: bodywart

Buy a bed frame that doubles as storage.

storage bed tiny bedroom hack Photo: mckenzie-apartments

Or you can simply put your mattress on risers for more under-the-bed storage.

bed riser tiny bedroom hack Photo: bedbathandbeyond

With a USB charger! You can buy these here.

Turn your bookcase into a footboard.

bookcase footboard tiny bedroom hack Photo: lucycall

Use up every corner of the room.

corner shelf tiny bedroom hack Photo: homedit

Put a shelf over your doorway.

doorway shelf tiny bedroom hack Photo: familyhandyman

Raise a portion of the room on a platform for hidden storage.

platform tiny bedroom hack Photos: Pinterestthestyledlifeblog

Loft your bed!

loft bed 1 tiny bedroom hack loft bed 2 tiny bedroom hack Photos: frenchyfancy, dwell

Or invest in a Murphy bed.

murphy bed Photos: ResourceFurniture

Don’t forget about the sides of your closet.

side closet storage tiny bedroom hac Photo: 320sycamore

Your window sill is a built-in shelf and/or bedside table.

window sill nightstand tiny bedroom hack Photo: lamaisondannag

Order a Living Cube, an all-in-one bed frame, storage unit, bookshelf, closet, workspace and entertainment center.

living-cube Photos: Living Cube

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